Time Off - LP

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Time Off - LP

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A1 “Water Wheel” 5:10
A2 “Lurker” 7:43
A3 “Street Keeper” 5:44
B1 “New Decline” 5:25
B2 “Old Strange” 7:01
B3 “Trailways Ramble” 8:54

"A collection of six loose, spiraling guitar songs that give more than they ask: These are generous compositions, gently presented. Gunn’s a descendent of the Dead, but also of J.J. Cale and La Monte Young and Bert Jansch and Frank Hutchinson, and his guitar playing has a mesmeric quality, a tender circling that feels almost like being swaddled. There’s an unrefined, organic quality to Gunn’s work… a reinterpretation of “Americana” that allows for plenty of ingenuity (and requires no costuming). While Gunn’s produced some more explicitly cerebral work, Time Off’s biggest asset is its ease. It’s also a record that happens to make tremendous sense right now, on the precipice of summer, when we’re all anxious to uncurl a little."

- Amanda Petrusich, Pitchfork