Boerum Palace - LP

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Boerum Palace - LP

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Mr. Franklin 09:04

Variation II 02:12

House of Knowledge 07:55

Jadin's Dream 03:04

Dusted Mind 04:54

Mustapha's Exit 05:03

Released in 2009, Boerum Palace, showcases Steve Gunn’s prodigous talent for fusing traditional American song structures with a raga influence that is almost criminally unheralded. Gunn’s songcraft is so strong and his playing style so effortlessly beautiful that folks should be shouting his name from every tall building and mountaintop. It is with such high esteem for the man’s work that three lobed recordings is humbled by the association and thrilled to announce the release of Boerum Palace by Steve Gunn. without any doubt, Boerum Palace is a staggering accomplishment and is certainly Gunn’s most assured and confident work to date.  - Cory Rayborn, Three Lobed Recordings